Long-arm blasphemy prosecution

Islamists are demanding the execution of Saudi journalist Hamza Kashgari over tweets, since retracted, that they say are blasphemous toward their religion. Malaysia has detained Kashgari and may extradite him to face the charges; according to reports, the international police organization had put out an order for his arrest at the behest of the Saudi government [Guardian, Nina Shea/NRO, Daily Beast, Reason, Facebook support page, blog, #FreeHamza]



  • Interpol should not have processed Saudi Arabia’s request. Article 3 of their Constitution prohibits their use in furtherance of religious persecution.

  • True, but Malaysia also has a law proscribing blasphemy. Thus, the extradition. The kid was stupid seeking to flee to a country where Shariah law forms any part of the legal system. He should have tried for anywhere in Europe and pled for asylum upon landing. He could have gone to India and likely been safe as well.