Roller coasters and limbless guests

A 17-year-old born without hands is disappointed at being excluded from Sea World’s “Kraken,” but “Katie Champagne’s misery is the result of a litigious society, not heartless theme parks.” [Beth Kassab, Orlando Sentinel; error corrected on name of theme park operator, thanks commenter P. McC.]


  • if she puts her mind to it, i’m sure she could find a lawyer willingto sue for discrimination under the ADA.

  • Kraken is one of the coasters at Sea World here, not at Universal as stated in the OP.

  • Ummmmm……..would you really WANT to ride an amusement park roller coaster where the only thing holding you in the seat is your ability to hang on to a bar? It’s like saying that you’re safe riding unbelted in my convertible as I do 80 down the freeway because you’re hanging onto the door handle. There is something about the amusement park’s reasoning that doesn’t make sense.