“Staten Island mom hits city with $900 trillion suit”

The case does raise an issue of importance — at what point does a parent’s mental illness expose children to unreasonable risk? But if Ms. Ogunbayo is hoping to convince a court that she has everything in perspective now, asking for $900 trillion may not help. [Staten Island Advance]


  • She beat me to the $900 trillion mark, but I plan to be the first froot loop to ask for a cool $1 quadrillion.

  • I’m sure that includes punitive damages. She is asking for only a reasonable 300 terabucks in actual damages.


  • For some lawyers, a successful claim is defined as getting your name in the paper.

  • Retraction of the last comment. My first reading of this was that a lawyer was involved.

    See? We are all good after all.

  • I dealt with a number of similar cases (single parent with mental issues; children taken by state) while clerking, and honestly, I find it more tragic than amusing: whatever grasp on reality this poor woman had before her kids were taken will probably be soon gone. (And I see your $900 trillion Complaint, and raise you a $1.69 novemdecillion one.)

  • Oh, I see she got the kids back. Okay, now it’s funny.

  • Could it be paid in Zimbabwe dollars?

  • If we enact a 100% tax on all damages awards and settlements in excess of $1Trillion, this case will pay the deficits until our grandchildren are running the country, the national debt, and all of the unfunded liabilities (Social Security, Medicare, etc.), as well as bankrupt Staten Island so that a receiver will have to be appointed to run the place.

    I don’t see a downside.

  • If you’re going to sue for $900 trillion, sue for $900 trillion and Mars, plus part of the Black Sea.