“To say that Zaffina is particular about the spelling and presentation of his name would be an understatement”

Members of an L.A. group devoted to darts, the bar sport, are among those plunged into litigation by a fellow enthusiast. “Says one well-known bar owner who did not wish to be identified for fear of retribution, ‘I’m weary of being involved with this guy because he’s just been firing off lawsuits. Some of us wanted to fight, but these things can be very expensive.'” [L.A. Weekly]


  • Seriously? For a middle initial? This guy is completely nuts. My heart goes out to the guys of SCDA who are forced to deal with the antics of this guy.

  • From the headline, I thought Zaffina had filed frivolous libel lawsuits, but instead he “squatted” on SCDA’s name which they had not renewed. We have legal remedies for “cyber-squatting”; it sounds like they should be extended to non-cyber names and trademarks.

    Another mildly amusing squatter case:
    Foreseeing defeat in the 2006 Democratic Primary, Sen. Joseph Lieberman arranged to run on a customized “Connecticut for Lieberman” Party, and won reelection. It might have made sense to dissolve the party at that point, but it was left unattended, to be picked up by anti-Lieberman gadfly John Orman.

  • Would there be legal ramifications if they named the new group the “We Hate Dino M. Zaffina Darts League”?

    As long as they spell the name correctly that is.