• I read this with amazement yesterday. The writer definitely let a lot of insanity go unchallenged in the article. To accomplish what they accomplished you have to commit fraud on the court (“we have a tenant in the house”). This is sold without serious question from the writer as a business decision.

    As a Christian, I’m not real thrilled with how they package religion in all of this, either. It seemed to be a focal point in their decision to ignore their ethical obligations and the law.

  • They claim it as a focal point for their actions., which is not the same thing. On the other hand, is there any record of the church(es) they have given money to returning it?


  • I don’t think the church should give the money back. For lots of reasons including the most obvious: how much would they give back? The amount the couple says it paid? I am skeptical – in light of the article – that they were sticking personal checks for large sums in the basket. We can take them at their word on their faith and still not suspend disbelief.

    The article says: “Their faith fuels their hope that they can somehow stave off eviction.” Lincoln said he prayed to be on the Lord’s side. I’m not theologian but that would seem like a better way to approach it in my opinion.

  • Ron @ 9:09 am-

    I could not agree more. They make a mockery of faith.

  • Next tactic: foreclosure would be racist.

  • Yea, by golly, they were forced to take advantage of their lender for years. Forced, I tells ya…