U.K. man’s suit: church misled him “into following false beliefs”

“A retired semi-professional footballer who claims his faith ruined his chances of playing for Manchester United is suing the Baptist Church for £10 million.” Arquimedes Nganga “quit the sport aged 25 when he converted to the Baptist faith. He said: ‘I could definitely have had a long career in the Premiership'” had he not given it up. [Evening Standard]


  • I knew that Baptists frown on dancing, but they frown on team sports in which big, sweaty men bash into each other, too? This could be very tough on the SEC .

  • (snark setting on, as usual)
    In American football, a defensive player can tackle the guy and slam him to the ground with “Take that, sinner!” An offensive player who makes a good play can taunt the defense with “The meek shall inherit the Earth, brother!” Futbol/soccer does not have that outlet, so of course he had to quit the sport. Now that he has abandoned his eternal salvation for Mammon but mammon isn’t paying up (yet), he is filled with righteous indignation.

  • To win his case, won’t he have to prove the beliefs are false?

  • If you read the article you will see that it says: “The writ blames church leaders for physical assaults Mr Nganga suffered at the hands of people he was trying to convert. It states: “They got upset and reacted violently after being told that they were sinners. I was slapped and punched, and kicked in my left knee, breaking its cartilage.”

    From this is is possible to make the deduction that if he would have played in that sport you would have sued them also for the exact same reason of being slapped punched and preventing him from joining the baptist church. If fact come to think of it you could conceivable sue anyone who has convinced you to take any path like your parents for preventing you from taking another path.