• like a fly to honey.

  • It’s those sesame-seed buns.


  • Yeah, the hookers are just hanging around Mickey D’s these days. Can hardly keep them out of the ball room. They’re ODing on Chicken Bites, except for the ones ordering Happy Meals. What could McDonalds Corp. have been thinking when they put these franchises so close to Interstate junctions?

  • Wow. I didn’t think a Big Mac was that bad for your health.

  • John, there is a McDonalds near downtown L.A. in a “hooker zone”. They need security to keep the hookers (and the homeless) out of the restaurant.

    Somewhat handy for those looking to get small fries and a car date at the same time. đŸ™‚

  • I feel sorry for the woman like I feel sorry for all people (well, most) who make bad decisions. But when she claims that she was fired from a minimum wage job therefore her future husband had financial control over her, I wonder why she didn’t seek a different minimum wage (or better) job. It’s really not that difficult.

  • So this explains why there are so many McDonald’s and brothels near (or on) military bases. Always thought there was more to Ronald McDonald. Maybe Micky D’s should build a second story.