April 23 roundup

  • Fearful of adverse Supreme Court ruling, Department of Justice said to have exercised pressure on city of St. Paul to buckle in housing-disparate-impact case [Kevin Funnell]
  • Justice Janice Rogers Brown: we can dream, can’t we? [Weigel] The Brown/Sentelle opinion everyone’s talking about, questioning rational basis review of economic regulation [Hettinga v. U.S., milk regulations; Fisher, Kerr]
  • Claim: “The Bachelor” TV franchise discriminates on basis of race [Jon Hyman]
  • Chicago sold off municipal parking garages. Good. It also promised to disallow proposals for private parking nearby. Not good [Urbanophile]
  • Bad day in court for Zimmerman prosecution [Tom Maguire, more, Merritt]
  • “I want some systematic contacts wherever your long arm can reach” — hot-‘n’-heavy CivPro music video satire [ConcurOp, language]
  • Federal judge dismisses charge against man who advocated jury nullification outside courthouse [Lynch, Sullum, earlier]


  • RE: suiting The Bachelor” TV franchise: Takeaway statement from the Inside TV article linked to in the legal blog:

    “On a less serious note, [Plaintiffs’ co-counsel] Perkins noted that still single [Pllaintiffs] Claybrooks and Johnson are already fielding heavy interests beyond their news value, joking, ‘We’ve already had calls from people who want to interview them over dinner tonight.’”

    See article: “Men suing ‘The Bachelor’ discuss their case”, by Lanford Beard, (Apr. 18, 2012)

    Litigation as the new pick-up technique.

  • […] “starkly ideological” judging of this sort, except of course when she favors it [Root, earlier] And David Bernstein again corrects some Left commentators regarding the standing of child labor […]