• “A Bridgeport attorney for Charla Nash says the attack could have been avoided had . . . ” [fill in the blank]

    For example, fill in with “the victim been on vacation in California that day” or, “the victim chosen to shop that day instead of visiting her friend” or, “the chimp been put to sleep by the owner earlier that day.”

    Can counsel’s hypothetical possibly show negligence on the part of the state???

  • Just as easy to imagine Connecticut facing a lawsuit for denying people the right to own chimps.

  • Service chimps. Some people are terrified by bananas.


  • I don’t see a problem with this. If the state is going to interject itself into issues of this nature, then they have to assume responsiblity.

  • Then every person victimized by a felony would have a claim against the State. If a policeman had stopped it, it would have not happened.

  • Logic has never been the long suit of Legislators.