• Is stupidity a handicap?


  • If you have to ask … you’re hired! đŸ™‚

  • The free market solution: allow handicapped workers to offer their services for less.

  • Didn’t the recent change to this law allow people with glasses to claim that they were disabled? And I believe that a LOT of other conditions that some might consider to be relatively normal conditions of living, are now considered to be “disabilities”. So, maybe all these contractors should look for all the people wearing glasses and hearing aids, all the vets with non-compensable (5%) disabilities, and everyone with asthma, and count them as “disabled”. Problem solved.

  • Another give-away proposal. There are special tax breaks for employers that employ the disabled. And, since under Medicaid waiver programs, persons who are disabled and employed can have a job coach to help them learn the job, this also increases the need for state government employees or Medicaid contractor employees that carry out this aspect of a state’s Medicaid program.

  • I expect the employee can’t be made to “prove” they are disabled, and so it wouldn’t be hard to encourage people to self designate.

    “You want the job, we want to hire you, but we can’t offer it unless this box (here is a pen) is checked.”