Only 71 percent of West Coast restaurants found to violate wage/hour law

Jon Hyman is surprised the number isn’t 100 percent:

What’s amazing to me is that the percentage of non-compliant employers is only 71 percent. I remain convinced, as I’ve pointed out before, that I can walk into any company and find a wage and hour violation. The FLSA and its regulations are that complex, twisted, and anachronistic.


  • Of course they could pump it up to 100% but that would be too obvious. Pretenses must be maintained if the game is to continue.

    Can I presume that the 71% already deemed guilty (who says bureaucracies can’t be efficient?) includes all the deep-pockets who haven’t yet donated to the people’s candidates?

  • Why just wage and hour? Try filling a Medicare form. You will break at least 5 laws no matter how you file. In fact, if you see a Medicare patient, you likely have committed fraud no matter what you do. I knew a doctor that tried to avoid all this by charging the lowest amount he could per patient. Wrong. The Feds arrested him for not providing adequate care. Yes, he was arrested.

  • Really? It’s the fault of the law? This reputation of restauranteurs as fair dealers with their employees had not reached me

    And I am shocked that all the service personnel in that industry who I have spoken with are lying to me about their situations.

  • Sure, it’s the fault of the regulators