Unfair to persons with albinism?

A Vancouver, B.C. resident with albinism (lack of skin pigmentation) has directed a complaint to a Canadian human rights tribunal against Earls Albino Rhino beer [Ann Althouse]


  • Walter, aren’t you two days late with this story? 🙂

    That reminds me, at the Supreme Court oral argument yesterday, the Solicitor General ended his woeful week by talking about freedom: With all the new compulsions and coercions of Obamacare, “millions of people with chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease… will be unshackled from the disabilities that those diseases put on them and have the opportunity to enjoy the blessings of liberty.”

    The Solicitor General’s oral argument to the Supreme Court in favor of Obamacare sounds like it was taken straight from 1984: Slavery is freedom, Obamacare is liberty. Of course I am joking. It is not as if Big Brother says that we all must buy Obamacare?

  • “Albino Rhino beer ” is also unfair to the tongue-tied.

  • But presumably “Albino Rhino” only discriminates against albinos with big noses!

    (And ever bigger butts)

  • Sounds like just another privileged white person, if you ask me.

  • The complainant is from a part of Africa where albinos are not infrequently killed so that their body parts can be used in witchcraft. It is therefore understandable that she would be sensitive about being albino. That said, I fail to see how the Earl’s beer brand name can be considered to violate her human rights.

  • In a town near me there was once a tavern called the White Pig, naturally referred to by habitues and others as the Albino Swino. But then that wasn’t its actual name….

  • The “Palsy” shouldn’t be a cocktail. It’s clearly going to be a pilsner.