• hmmm, my hometown doesn’t provide natural gas service, but they do provide electrical service

    Luckily they only have two red lights in town. I don’t think the cameras are being installed very soon.

  • I got one of those bogus tickets and read up on them and decided to ignore it. Then we got some vaugely worded threats, but they were directed to my girlfriend, who is the vehicle co-owner but wasn’t driving and doesn’t have a big bushy beard (no jokes, please) like the miscreant in the picture, so we sent back her DL pic and I guess it’s over with – they didn’t bother to respond – and apparently they were too lazy or too stupid to go after the other owner, namely me (not that I’d ever pay it, but they don’t know that).

  • I would greatly prefer a utility service interruption to an arrest warrant, 30 points off my FICO, or wage garnishments that my employer will necessarily find out about. I just hope they shut off the water before they shutoff the sewer.