Judge dismisses “Three Cups of Tea” book fraud case

A Montana federal court dismisses a class action against author Greg Mortenson demanding reader refunds over alleged fabrications in his memoir Three Cups of Tea. [Volokh, earlier here, here, etc.] More: Trask.


  • I guess this means a lawsuit over President Obama’s “composite girlfriend” won’t go anywhere…

  • I didn’t think these lawsuits were all that silly; certainly people who bought the book should be entitled to a refund. And if they gave any money to his charity based on misinformation, they should be entitled to a refund of the donation, too.

  • Funny, I thought this kerfuffle would end up like “A Million Little Pieces” did, with people getting their money back.

  • In the James Frey, “Million Little Pieces” lawsuit, only 1,729 people asked to be reimbursed for buying the book out of over 3 million book purchases. This was even after the publisher was ordered to spend over a million dollars to advertise for the refund.

    However, as related to this website and over-lawyering, plaintiff’s attorney, Larry Drury, made a whopping $ 780,000 in settlement fees, even though the case never even went to court.