Law professor anagram names

Kyle Graham kicked off the meme with examples that include “Guido Calabresi” = “Discourage Bail,” “Elizabeth Warren” = “Brazen Wealthier” and “Cass Sunstein” = “Insanest Cuss.” My contributions include “Randy Barnett” = “Nab Red Tyrant” and “Dale Carpenter” = “Parade Lectern.” If you’re wondering about rearrangements of my own name, by the way, the best one seems to be “Wastrel Loon.”

P.S. “Stephen Breyer” = “Hereby Repents” and more Supreme Court Justice anagram names.


  • Walter, you run a good blawg, but you need to brush up on your anagrams: Walter Olsen=”Law lore sent”

  • People so often misspell my name as -en that I’ve thought of just giving up and changing my name to that, but “better anagram fodder” hadn’t occurred to me as a reason.

  • Sorry for the misspelling:

    Walter Olson= “re: Lost on Law”

  • Tall Swooner?