New server; missing emails and comments

Following some down time, Overlawyered has re-emerged on new servers and with upgraded software allowing for improved features. Thanks to Jason Vines of the Cato Institute for his assistance.

Unfortunately, during this process, my email accounts went dark for a while. If you sent me an email anytime over the weekend or on Monday through the late afternoon, I probably didn’t get it and you should send it again.

In addition, several reader comments approved on Friday and Saturday were inadvertently lost in the upgrade. I may be able to go back to my files to reconstruct what these were, but if the comments were important to you, you should consider re-posting them.

One Comment

  • Not to abuse hind-sight, but you might suggest to your mail host person that next time they’re planning an upgrade/move, they get someone to act as a temporary secondary MX forwarder. It’s not difficult to do and a nerd like me would be more than willing to lend a digital hand.