Onboard-recorder trucker mandate

It’s the old story: many smaller truckers have been trying to resist the mandate, which costs an estimated $1,500 per truck, but some larger truckers that already use the devices have encouraged its passage. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) estimates that the mandate will cost $2 billion; it’s meant to make it easier to monitor compliance with limits on how many hours truckers can be on the road. [James Gattuso, Heritage]


  • This law will save hundreds, potentially thousands of lives. Truckers are routinely required by their carriers to violate FMCSA limits; three years ago I had one of these cases, where a truck 3 hours over the limit smashed into a car carrying college students, killing one, blinding another, and causing another crippling injuries, including permanent deformities to their genitalia.

    The only solution is to make truckers’ driving hours so transparent that they cannot violate the rules.

  • Trucks obviously kill more children than drop side cribs do. The “only solution” is to ban trucks. After all, it’s for the children

  • Too often, I have to choose between being safe and being legal; I always choose “safe.”
    The problem is shippers/consignees who take four-six hours to (un)load the truck, but threaten to fine the trucking co. or even to refuse a “late” load. We all know what flows downhill…
    Dispatchers claim just-in-time status for almost every thing, when very little freight truly is. I could go on, but I’ll spare you.
    The ATA wants nothing less than highways full of inexperienced, poorly trained “disposable” drivers making $.22 a mile.And they’re licking their chops at the prospect of Mexican nationals willing to accept $.14. Thanks