One Comment

  • I might note that there is little that your food can do to you. Take salt, there is not a single study that indicates any benefit of avoiding salt unless you are one of the few people with very sensitive BP problems, heart failure or renal failure. So the efforts to eliminate salt in food are not founded on any kind of science.

    Then there is fat in food. Since efforts have been made to eliminate fat in food, people have gained weight. Avoidance of cholesterol do not effect your health, in fact, some studies have indicated that diets poor in fats have bad consequences. I am a cardiologist and was able to win several cases in Federal court targeted at doctors for not recommending a low cholesterol diet in heart patients. I used the same data and reports that the government uses to indicate that cholesterol in diets is a danger.

    About the only danger in foods are the additives such as MSG and sulfates that are used to prevent spoiling. Also, many “healthy” substances such as soy may actually be very harmful. But in the end, good natural well balanced food is not a problem. So eat lard, enjoy the experience and now that it is not going to coat your arteries (possibly the opposite).