California Bar: illegal immigrant should be admitted to practice

Among the trip-ups are that lawyers are sworn by oath to uphold the laws of the land; that federal law bars the granting of state professional licenses to illegals; that federal law makes it unlawful to offer employment to them; and that clients might find themselves in a pickle were their attorneys whisked away on zero notice to face deporation. Nonetheless, the California Bar is pressing ahead with its recommendation of Sergio C. Garcia, 35, of Chico. [ABA Journal, Howard Bashman roundup, Bookworm Room]


  • I found this amusing comment on an LA Times article about this case:,0,1730536.story

    Suppose he gets a bar ticket, and then suppose he decides to practice immigration law [which is not a far-fetched assumption]. Next, suppose that he has an illegal alien client confined in an immigration lockup. The illegal alien attorney needs to visit his illegal alien client. What are the guards at the facility going to do? Allow an illegal alien attorney to visit his illegal alien detainee client, and then allow the illegal alien attorney to leave while continuing to hold the illegal alien client?

  • Yeah! Because, y’know, there’s a terrible shortage of iffy lawyers in California.