Cops: This guy’s face assaulted our fists

Gotta watch out for the suspect’s face, let your guard down and all of a sudden he’s using it to go after your knuckles [Scott Greenfield]


  • Interesting to contrast the tone here and at Simple Justice with the tone of the comments in the originating article… (“next time use the nightstick,” etc.)

  • The only thing comical is the police suffer injuries to their hands, the alleged victim gets beaten, then charged for assault.

    Scott leaves a lot of relevant information out of his post; the guy is driving around with no license (suspended at least three times), and I’d venture to guess he doesn’t have insurance, or proper vehicle registration, and probably doesn’t always drive in a safe manner evidenced by his three license suspensions and that he was pulled over because at least one of his kids wasn’t buckled in.

    There is not enough information available to form an opinion if force was necessary, but I can agree that the second degree assault is likely the police overcharging. As someone who’s been hit by an uninsured motorist, hard to feel too bad that this guy will be off the road for at least a few days.

  • So you’ll get behind his eventual lawsuit against the police?

  • Depends on the evidence, which is why I support police cars being equipped with cameras, and citizens safely filming police activity.

  • Un PC comment:

    How ’bout Zero Tolerance – – – – – FOR THE POLICE.

  • So no license or insurance, and not buckling up your kids is now cause for a cop inflicted beat down?
    Well, I guess DUI punishments should now include public flogging or caning.

  • I’d go for that marco73.