• You left out Rob Levine, Rhode Island’s “heavy hitter”, a former Central Falls cop who is collecting disability, yet successfully functioning as a referral lawyer.

  • and I though only Rochester had sleazy lawyer ads… Silly me…

  • Kentucky Bar Ass’n rules provide that an attorney must submit a proposed ad to a Committee for review before it is aired/published. The Committee has 30 days to review and object or approve the ad. If the Committee does not take action within the 30 days, the ad is deemed approved and can be aired/published.

    While Issacs’ ads may be tacky, I didn’t see any unethical representations. He wants to get people money without their going to court (e.g., via settlement). He may (he didn’t say “woould”) get more than the insurer initially offered, but, after fees and costs, he makes no representation as to whether the client’s net recovery will be. I’ve seen no ethical standards that an attorney can’t be tacky, so if Issacs gets people to retain him because he talks to dogs, that speaks to them and not whether the ad violates professional standards.

  • I’ma let you finish! But Jim Shapiro (an earlier “Hammer,” also of Rochester) had the best PI trawling ad portfolio of all time!