“10 Days in the Police Academy, 14 Years on Disability”

The Cato Institute recently began providing a home to the previously freestanding National Police Misconduct Reporting Project, which compiles an astounding and varied collection of allegations of misconduct, inefficiency and questionable employment practices in law enforcement. Among them: this report from the Chicago Sun-Times noted by my colleague Tim Lynch. If you have any interest in the topic, you’ll want to add the site to your RSS, Facebook or Twitter feeds.


  • The title alone does not bother me. But the bar clearly should be higher. There are too many people hitting it hard at my gym that are on disability.

  • More evidence of the advanced welfare state mentality that has bankrupted Europe and has insidiously gripped our fair land.

  • I thought the same thing, mjs. Now imagine how many millions are bilking the federal government for highly questionable, if not outright fraudulent, claims of disability through social security. We’ve incentivized disability and we are, quite predictably, getting lots of it in return.

  • If the numbers are accurate, in June of this year, more people started to receive Social Security disability benefits than private sector jobs were created.
    How this is in any way sustainable is above my pay grade.