Farewell to the Ravenna flagpole?

The landmark in the Ohio town near Akron is one of only two survivors from a fashion for giant municipal flagpoles in the late nineteenth century; the other one is in Palmyra, N.Y. “The township trustees say they don’t want to own it anymore because of liability concerns.” [Recordpub.com via Robert Breugmann, Urbanophile]


  • Apparently one option is a kind of fence that can deter people who are capable of climbing a 100 ft flag pole.

    …or maybe a whole bunch of pole grease.

  • In the ’80s, we had a huge battle over a retail store (car dealer?) in Corvallis, Oregon, which erected a huge flagpole and flag. Signage that could be regulated or patriotism?

    I’m afraid I don’t get out in the suburbs that much, these days. Are there still outlets with super-flags?