L.I. woman: county should have prevented cop’s affair with me

“A Massapequa woman who claims to have spent “over 100 nights” with an on-duty Nassau County police officer has filed legal notice that she intends to sue the county for $10 million. Tara Obenauer, 42, said in court papers that the county failed to supervise Officer Mike Tedesco, allowing him to visit her home regularly for about seven months until February, almost always during his shifts, in his uniform and while driving his patrol car.” [Newsday]

More, NY Post: local attorney “flabbergasted that officials are being blamed for not chaperoning the couple’s sex romps.”


  • She’s seeking money for sex. Arrest her for prostitution.

  • Is the complaint that he was unavailable to protect the general citizenry while he was boinking her?

    If so, why should she be paid? She’s the cause of the unavailability.

  • She should be paying the county.

  • I wonder if the county can counter-sue for contractual interference or something similar, for her assisting the officer in evading his duty?

  • Hell hath no fury like a jackpot justice scam artist spurned.

    By the way, at $10 million demanded for 100 sexual encounters comes out to $100,000 per service. The going rate on Long Island is $500, so the claim should have been for $50,000.