Lawyer: woman will stop suing School for the Deaf over frequent flyer miles

The Texas School for the Deaf flies its non-local students to their family’s homes each weekend for free, and saves the frequent flier miles for purposes such as buying air tickets for chaperones. A woman identified as D.G. sued, saying the benefit of the miles should go to her daughter, but her lawyer says she’s dropping the suit in view of the big public outcry against it. [Claire Osborn, Austin American-Statesman; followup, Ken Herman]


  • I don’t care who’s name is on the ticket, the reward points should belong to whoever paid for the ticket.

    For example, I am doing a favor for my sister this weekend. She is buying tickets for my son and I to travel and help her husband drive a moving van to their new home.

    My sister paid for the tickets, she is getting the frequent flier miles.

    Same rule here, the State of Texas paid for the tickets. The State gets to keep the miles.

  • amazing what people feel they are entitled to.

  • Color me confused as the woman changes names from the first article to the second:

    First: The woman, identified only as D.G. in the lawsuit…

    Second: A woman identified in the litigation as T.H.C. …

    But there is more to the lawsuit as well.

    Seal said the mother is also suing the school because she said officials violated her daughter’s privacy rights by providing confidential information, such as her daughter’s home address and phone number, to the airlines when they bought her daughter’s tickets.

    The mother didn’t say in the suit how much money she is seeking but said she wants damages to cover the cost of having to move from El Paso to Killeen to avoid the conflict in the airline policy and the school’s policy. She also wants compensation for emotional pain and loss of privacy, the lawsuit said.

    Source: expanded version of the first article found here:

  • gitarcarver,

    Uhhh! Doesn’t the TSA require that information by law?

  • No doubt THC is the active ingredient in what D.G. was smoking.