“Little League teams lose court battle to play championship game”

“Rain delays kept postponing the game” — this was Seattle — and eventually authorities disqualified both teams. Court action resulted: “‘I asked my daughter, she asked us to fight, so we fought,’ said Patrick Jones, one player’s father.” Because of course parents are supposed to be guided by their kids’ wishes as to whether to set loose the lawyers in such matters. [KING 5]


  • The knucklehead attorney representing one of the teams is running for King County Superior Court Judge.


  • I make my living filing lawsuits. I visit this site in part because I agree with the premise that a lawsuit is not the answer for all harms or even most harms. This is a classic example. Whether you win or lose this case is not the issue. It should never be filed and the courts should not be hearing these kinds of disputes. There should not be a law against bringing these claims, mind you. But common sense should stop people in their tracks before they do.