ObamaCare decision roundup II

  • The article everyone’s talking about on John Roberts’s switch [Jan Crawford, CBS] But who were her sources?
  • “ObamaCare Lost on the Medicaid Mandate & Commerce Power. It May Yet Lose on the Tax Power” [Michael Cannon, Cato]
  • The ultimate, and I do mean ultimate, link roundup [Joshua Matz, SCOTUSBlog]
  • Opinion reactions: Steve Chapman, Michael Barone.
  • A view from Left: conservatives lost Thursday, and purported silver lining’s not even tin [Lemieux] NFIB v. Sebelius “the most important court victory for liberalism in my lifetime.” [Joey Fishkin]
  • Not Marbury, no way, no how [David Wagner, Ninomania]
  • “Polarization and legitimacy: why we’re wigging out” [Will Wilkinson, The Economist]
  • Call off the celebrations, it’s just a satire: “Supreme Court Strikes Down All Laws Signed By Barack Obama” [Balkin]
  • Don’t forget that Cato’s star-packed event looking at the meaning of the NFIB v. Sebelius decision will take place live on the web tomorrow, Monday, Jul. 2, 1:30-4:45 Eastern.
  • And I’ll be the guest on the “Pundit Review” show this evening at 7:30 Eastern on Boston’s RKO with Kevin Whalen to discuss Thursday’s ruling.

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