“The quiet scandal of the HIV home test kit”

“Did the FDA’s former ban on home testing kits result in thousands of avoidable infections?” Persons who learn of their HIV-positive status are less likely to pass the infection on to others. “The scandal is that the approval of a rapid home test for HIV did not occur until last week — about 24 years after the FDA received its first application seeking permission to market one.” [Roger Parloff, Fortune](& welcome Hans Bader/CEI readers)


  • Most hospitals require that you obtain written permission from a patient before you test them for AIDS. This really makes it difficult to diagnose and treat as many people will not give permission. We do get around the issue by obtaining a T-cell count.

    When the major social illness was syphilis, you could obtain a blood sample whenever you desired and then reported it to the health department. Before adequate antibiotics syphilis was fairly well contained by establishing sexual contacts. Why is AIDS so different?

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