Caveat Craigslist

Whatever happened to buy beware?  A Massachusetts state judge and former state senator  is faced with criminal charges for failing to note the crib she sold via Craiglist lacked a vibrating baby pad.  As reported in the Boston Herald:

“Former state Sen. Cheryl Ann Jacques is due to appear in Newton District Court tomorrow to be arraigned on a misdemeanor charge of larceny by false pretense brought by a pregnant woman who claims Jacques sold her an incomplete baby’s Pack ’n Play Playard on Craigslist.”

This despite the fact that Jacques apparently refunded the purchaser the money and the buyer came to the house to look at the crib before it was purchased.  Jacques could face up to a year in jail and a $300 fine for the charge of larceny-by-false-pretenses.





  • The ability to sell something is a privilege not to be taken lightly in Massachusetts. Wouldn’t want too much of that commerce stuff going on willy-nilly, you know.

    Interesting unintended consequence: more business for landfills! Who’d want to risk jail unloading some odd item on someone who wants to buy it. Much safer to toss it in the trash.

  • The “Massachusetts state judge and former state senator” apparently has some enemies in the prosecutor’s office with little more to do than wage vendettas.

  • “Whatever happened to buy beware? ”
    I think it changed at some point to “buyer beware.”

  • Maybe it should be changed again to “Beware buyer.”

  • Under the Obamacare mandate, I believe it’s now “buy, or beware.”