• Well, he did cost the alligator his life.
    Really now, did the game wardens really need to hunt down this animal and kill it? Somebody find me a reference where a body part retrieved from the acid filled stomach of some animal has ever been successfully reattached. Crushed tissue makes for terrible surgical conditions, with vessels too stumpy to work with. Lake water and digestive juices also don’t help much.

  • It’s just one of those stupid gummint knee jerk reactions. Alligator bites man. Must kill alligator. The one handed mope had it coming.

    Meanwhile, if the same gator was in his back yard menacing his kids, and he shot it, they same gummint slackers would have had him up on charges.

    At least we have no shortage of alligators. I wish we had a shortage of gummint slackers.