Free speech roundup

  • Libel law might paradoxically increase job security of ABC’s much-criticized Brian Ross [Mickey Kaus]
  • “If you want to publicly criticize Argentina’s government, make sure all your tax filings are in order.” [NYT via Caron]
  • Pentagon Papers case, Meyer v. Nebraska included: “Top ten libertarian Supreme Court decisions” [Damon Root, Reason]
  • Criticizing Thai royalty? “Lèse Majesté: 16th Century Censorship Meets 21st Century Law” [Marie-Andree Weiss, Citizen Media Law]
  • “Government can’t censor book promotion”: Cato files amicus brief in Trudeau diet-book case [Ilya Shapiro and Kathleen Hunker, Cato; related]
  • “I was sued for libel under an unjust law” [Nature reporter Quirin Schiermeier, UK, via BoingBoing]
  • Florida seen as worst of many states (even worse than Pennsylvania?) at discouraging SLAPP suits [Marc Randazza, Citizen Media Law]

One Comment

  • Oh please,”unorthodox opinions”? 

    Whether performance bonds, deployed after a past history of fraud to prevent likely future fraud, should be reviewed under intermediate or strict scrutiny (or even amount to prior restraint) is an interesting question.  But, the case of a convicted and pathological huxter, who lies as easily and unthinking as most people breath, ain’t the one to prove the latter.