Harassment complaints by male Homeland Security employees

Harassment complaints filed by men are on the rise, up from 9 percent to 16 percent over the past two decades, according to the EEOC. Now male employees at the Department of Homeland Security have filed a complaint saying they were subjected to a hostile environment under female management. Alison Yarrow of Newsweek/Daily Beast has a new report that quotes me on several points.


  • “The two suits complete with colorful details about a “frat house” workplace where female supervisors played “sexually charged games” “intended to humiliate and intimidate male employees”

    Answer: The allegations of the Complaint are denied. In further responding, Defendant avers that all the alleged activities were field tests of TSA screening techniques.

  • Sexual harassment laws were evil from the word go. If a company wants to have a culture where guys get to be guys, they should get to. And in any workplace that takes the law seriously (from the feminist view), the guys probably have better grounds for a “hostile environment” complaint than the gals. In fact, I’d like to bring a class action against Congress for making the entire country a “hostile environment” against guys.

    But it’s poetic justice, and funny too, for TSA employees to be victims of harassment in any form. Indeed, I’m waiting to see some local cop arrest them for violating everyone’s Second Amendment right to carry weapons.

    Yes, the cops better start doing their jobs if they want to keep them.