Long-necked beer bottle maker not liable for barroom assault

A Texas appeals court has affirmed the dismissal of a lawsuit seeking to hold Anheuser-Busch liable for an assault suffered by a bar patron. The suit alleged that the long-neck design of the bottle made it too attractive for assailants seeking a weapon; the court agreed with the brewer that the plaintiff had failed to make out a sufficient case to avoid summary judgment. [Wajert, Mass Tort Defense]


  • I found the plaintiff’s inspiration for this lawsuit:

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  • Wait till that plaintiff finds out about steak knives.

  • Longnecks? Meh. A chair makes a much better weapon.

  • Was that a failure to state a claim or summary judment? What lawyer would bring such a claim. Rule 11 that loser.

  • Well obviously a stubbie would be a much safer design. Of course, Alan, that would increase liability for chair manufacturers.

  • The plaintiff lawyer should be required to pay defense counsel fees. That would stop this crap.

  • If these people, and their attorneys , we’re made to pay all court costs, at two to three times the actual figure, that may slow them down. Also, if found to be frivolous be banned from filing civil suits for five years, that may help.