New York: “Lawsuits extract $1B from localities a year”

“Localities in the state spend at least $1 billion a year on judgments and other costs of lawsuits, according to preliminary data from Rockefeller College.” [Albany Times-Union]


  • Hey, just back off. Plaintiffs’ lawyers have yacht payments too, don’t ya know?

  • I don’t see what all the fuss is about. If some Citizen Clowns don’t like the legal climate in NY State, they are free to move elsewhere! I mean, kids love clowns. They can find a job anywhere.

    What, you said Cities and Towns not Citizen Clown? Cities and Towns can’t move, can they? That’s completely different.

    Oh. I’m sorry. Never mind.

  • *Cue dream sequence.*

    *Setting: A U.S. Attorney’s Office in NY somewhere*

    U.S. Attorney: “Hey, wait. Sheldon Silver is a plaintiff firm king. He makes lots of money of lawsuits filed against municipalities. At the same time, he denies any reform of this legislatively. Why, that’s DEPRIVATION OF HONEST SERVICES. He’s essentially using his position as a legislator to keep on the spigot of ill-gotten gains.

    I’m charging.”

    *end dream sequence*

  • Judgments seem like the sort of thing an entity pays after having been found responsible for doing something wrong. Couldn’t these costs be avoided by, I don’t know, not harming others?