• I wonder what a “Diversity Editor” actually, you know, edits?

  • @Stella: Different things.

  • Shouldn’t they have two , for, y’know – diversity?

  • Well, it does appear that it is printed in black & white. Perhaps the diversity editor can increase minority representation by demanding that the black letters appear in a larger font, thus gaining greater representation on each page.

  • Don’t editors use “red pens” to edit? or are they “blue pens”? Either way there’s a bit more diversity, black, white, and blue or red…. ;>P

  • “CLR defines diversity as a ‘variety of personal experiences, values, and worldviews that arise from differences of culture and circumstance.’1 Such experiences include, but are not limited to: race, ethnicity, gender . . .”

    I wonder how they determine which values and worldviews arise from race? And how do they keep tabs of all the different worldviews to make sure they have a “diverse” membership?

  • The problem with all this is that half the time the motto is “treat us all the same because we are all exactly the same” ..other times, like here, its “we are all different, thus diversity is needed”

    (disclaimer: I’m half of an interracial marriage)

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