• Shouldn’t this be dropped pretty quick considering the police have no duty to act?

  • Don’t forget the pain and suffering add-ons while he bled to death.


  • As I understand the news report, the guy had no chance no matter what the police or anybody else did. There was massive bleeding from the neck and the bullet wound up in the brain. This was not the closing scene to “Cool Hand Luke”.

  • Firearm safety tip: When running from the cops with your .380 pulled keep your finger off the trigger and point the muzzle in a safe direction.

  • A gunfight over the failure to pay a Muni fare? Methinks the written story might be missing a few pieces.

    (That doesn’t mean it’s a good lawsuit, just that the article seems to be missing some pretty important info.)

  • Why did this guy even act so stupid as to pull a gun on cops to begin with?

  • For Turk above: The late Rodney King resisted arrest because he did not want to be returned to jail for parole violation. That incident turned out poorly, although King was a millionaire for awhile.

    I understood that the decedent in the subject case had problems way beyond the Muni fee.