“Suspect In Wild N.J. Car Chase Now Suing Bergen County Police For $17 M”

Francesco Piserchia and another suspect were speeding away from the scene of a botched burglary when the police caught up with them. Piserchia’s suit claims he was trying to surrender when he was shot. [CBS New York]


  • Because nothing says “I want to surrender” like a high speed flight from a robbery though twisting residential streets.

  • Because he was soooo frightened.

    Now I’m down on police overreaction more than most, but sometimes, you’ve just gotta accept responsibility for your own stupid choices.

  • Another example of how running a police department is a bad business to get into. The costs of litigation from people on the receiving end of policing, none of whom is happy to be receiving police services in the first place, is staggering.

    And wait ’til they see the attorney’s fee petition!