Trayvon Martin: the civil litigation

“Travyon Martin’s mother is suing the homeowner’s association of the gated community where her son was killed and is also seeking money from a state fund set up to help crime victims with funeral expenses and counseling. …Benjamin Crump, attorney for Trayvon’s mother and the Martin family said they are looking into possible claims with ‘all the insurance companies that might be applicable’ and was looking to find out the exact limitations of the insurance, the Orlando Sentinel reported.” [Inquisitr]


  • Dummy, you say you’re looking into all responsible parties so you don’t sound like the family is cashing in on this opportunity…

  • I sure hope the insurance companies can give the family the justice they are seeking.

  • For Jason Barney above:

    Insurance companies have deep pockets and can provide lots of justice for any particular case. But like ants at a picnic claims do not come one at a time and insurance companies. The companies have to balance premiums to expected payouts. Those premiums would be very high if justice is provided to all comers.

    The law requires some proof of culpability of the Insurance Companies clients. How culpability applies to the homeowners association escapes me.

    I apologize to Mr. Barney if he was just using sarcasm.

  • It was sarcasm indeed, but no offense taken.

    My point is that all insurance companies can do is defend suits and pay judgments (money). It’s not “justice” despite others’ characterization of it.

    That said, money judgments or settlements are perfectly appropriate in many, many instances. But if the family seeks “justice” why look to an insurer? If you say you want money, then it makes sense. Just say as much.