Volvo: “the ‘sexy Swedish models’ were cars, not escorts.”

ABC takes very seriously a complaint filed by a photographic model that Swedish automaker Volvo improperly degraded her image by allowing play-on-words copy into a promotion. She had signed broadly worded releases. [Good Morning America]


  • The model is really pretty and is getting a ton of publicity. But I wonder if there is anyone foolish enough to take the litigation risk of working with her. There are lots of pretty women.

  • @WN: She’s 30, so her modeling days are coming to an end. With
    a BA in Psych (admittedly Columbia is a good Univ., but she still only has a BA and not a terminal professional degree), she needs to be thinking about her future career. There appears to be enough to her misuse of her image claim to survive initial motions to dismiss. Volvo and Ford Agency will offer enough to avoid continuing bad publicity so Ms. Giles can complete her education without having to be a starving grad student.