How some police unions jerk around California towns

Steven Greenhut at Reason summarizes an extraordinary story from Costa Mesa, Calif. broken by Orange County Register reporting here, here, and here. Long and the short of it: if you get on the wrong side of certain police unions politically, be on your guard against trumped-up DUI charges and a range of “gangster cop” behavior.


  • What a crybaby. Righeimer should be grateful he didn’t get SWATed.

  • My parents live in Orange County and my dad filled me in on this last weekend.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, Righeimer being one of the first people to decide to go public with what has been pretty much SOP strong arming of officials by labor thugs.

  • Doesn’t make me proud of the police. I wonder how many of the stories of local politicians being charged with DUI can be traced to similar situations.