Pharmaceutical roundup

  • “In light of drug safety concerns, the FDA has made it difficult for companies to get new antibiotics approved.” Might this possibly tie in with the article’s theme that the economics of antibiotic research has turned sharply unfavorable despite a dire perceived need for new compounds? [WaPo; background, Avik Roy, Forbes; Josh Bloom, NY Post, on the coming gonorrhea epidemic]
  • Congress considers restoring asthma inhaler access [Angela Logomasini/CEI, earlier]
  • Righteous Derek Lowe rant on pharmaceutical innovation [vs. British Medical Journal; Pipeline/Corante]
  • Things the New York Times left out of its FDA spygate coverage [Jon Entine, Forbes]
  • Bill signed by President last month includes provisions attempting to address drug manufacturing shortages [Abnormal Use, earlier] Lawsuit against drug maker for withdrawing drug from market fails [Beck, Drug and Device Law]
  • Regulation-by-litigation striking out in drug pricing cases? [Cruz-Alvarez & Sherr, WLF]
  • The Seroquel black box warns of what, exactly, now? [White Coat]

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