Politics roundup

  • “Someone tell Gov O’Malley that Swiss bank UBS is helping build a Maryland bridge.” [background; State of Maryland, PDF, via Dan Alban] Dems’ trade xenophobia escapes ire aimed at GOP’s purported immigration xenophobia [Barro] “Buried in the 2012 Democratic platform: Official declaration of war on Switzerland.” [@daveweigel]
  • Are you better off than you were four years ago? Kyle Graham traces that question back to 1900, and no doubt it’s older [ConcurOp]
  • Fact-checkers snooze during Dems’ Lilly Ledbetter show [Ted Frank/PoL, Hans Bader/Examiner] Read in full context, Obama’s “you didn’t build that” remarks “would inspire largely the same reaction.” [Larimore, Slate]
  • Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is least surprising Dem endorser of the year, as Overlawyered readers have reason to know [Betsy Woodruff, NRO, on Morgan & Morgan connection]
  • Great Society legacy: tax-funded nonprofits play key role in NYC corruption [Steven Malanga, WSJ]
  • “Details of the Auto Bailout You Won’t Hear in Charlotte” [Dan Ikenson, Randal O’Toole, Cato; Tim Carney, Washington Examiner (“Here’s the truth: what Romney proposed for Detroit was more or less what Obama did”); Shikha Dalmia on Gov. Jennifer Granholm]
  • HHS welfare waivers: fact-checkers, check thyselves [Kaus, more, Steve Chapman]


  • ” A study this year by the University of Illinois Institute for Government and Public Affairs found that New York leads the country in public corruption, with 2,522 of its officials having been convicted of misdeeds since 1976.”

    The truth of this conclusion that NY leads the country in public corruption is suspect becasue the number of convictiosn is a function of the State’s siza and whether corruption is ferreted out.

    Also, University of Illinois Institute for Government studies may be biased in favor of Illinois. My gut feeling, is that Illinois leads the country in public corruption with New York a not so distant second.

  • Ikenson doesn’t mention the “President George W. Bush again claims credit for auto industry bailout.” side of this. Didn’t hear that in Tampa.

  • @Jesse Spurway: That’s because Bush didn’t favor the UAW over stockholders.