Senator decries detergent pods as hazard

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) says the little wrapped pods of laundry detergent that have become popular recently are too easily mistaken for candies or other treats, and that when he saw one on a staffer’s desk he wanted to eat it himself. “The only way to make them more attractive to Chuck Schumer would be to shape them like little TV cameras.” [Jim Treacher, Daily Caller]


  • proof that wisdom is lost as one ages.

  • Schumer had wisdom?

  • What was it doing on the staffer’s desk? It should have been in the container and the container properly stored out of the reach of children. Was it a setup by him to create a fake news headline or was the staffer trying to poison Schumer (just kidding on that part)? I suspect it was a fabricated story; why else would you have a packet of laundry soap at your work desk.

  • Nope, Schumer is doing exactly the right thing, as a politician. His disagreeable face is pictured in the TV/print news here in New York at least once a week, advocating for one silly cause or another.
    That publicity is priceless to him.

  • These have been common in the EU for quite a while. I wonder how many European children have ingested them? Probably the same ones who have ingested the plastic part of Kinder chocolate eggs and suffered…

  • As a refugee from New York, I am certain beyond a reasonable doubt that Chuck Schumer is too dumb to live.

  • Original story in NY Daily News

    One commenter said that someone needs to stop Schumer from eating urinal cakes, too!

  • Those pods are terrific. I keep mine in their clearly marked plastic bin, on top of my washer, behind the box of Oxy-Clean. My washer is a front loader elevated on a drawer. Also, my almost twelve-year-old youngest knows enough not to want to eat them.

    If any kids actually ate any of these their parents certainly don’t know how to “keep away from children”. You’d think, too, that one small taste of the soap would keep a child from ingesting more than a tiny bit.

    I’m sorry Mr. Schumer, but I really don’t need the government to be a parent. If I were single I wouldn’t need the government to be a husband. I, and most of the people I know, are perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves and keeping ourselves and our children reasonably safe. Nothing is 100%, nor can anything ever be so. Stop trying to make it so.

  • When this was first posted that same night my 11 month old got a hold of one of these things. The 5 year old couldn’t tell me how the 11 month old defeated the child lock on the cabinet door. Those young ones are crafty. He took a bite out of it and learned that detergent tastes terrible. A lesson he wont soon forget.

    Maybe Schumer can take a bite of one and estimate how likely it is for a kid to eat one up?