September 19 roundup

  • “Ohio Man Cites Obesity as Reason to Delay Execution” [WSJ Law Blog]
  • West Hollywood bans sale of fur, no bonfires on the beach, and a thousand other California bans [New York Times]
  • “Volunteers sued for ‘civil conspiracy’ for planning an open rival to WikiTravel” [Gyrovague]
  • Practice of check-rounding at some Chipotles allows class action lawyers to put in their two cents [Ted at PoL]
  • Daniel Fisher on business cases in the upcoming Supreme Court term [Forbes]
  • In Bond v. U.S., coming back like a boomerang from an earlier ruling, Supreme Court may at last have to resolve whether the federal government can expand its constitutional powers just by signing on to treaties [Ilya Shapiro and Trevor Burrus, Cato]
  • Law nerd’s heavy-breather: “50 Shades of Administrative Law” [LawProfBlawg]


  • “Ohio Man Cites Obesity as Reason to Delay Execution”

    It there was every a time for an ADA accommodation this is it. Let’s make sure that he can die like anyone else on death row!

  • On a more serious note, death by shooting (properly managed) should be defined as acceptable under Eighth Amendment “cruel” standards, and the convicted murderer offered a choice between a diet followed by medical execution, or shooting.

  • >In Bond v. U.S., coming back like a boomerang …

    I note the contrast with the legal strategy of Second Amendment activists, making sure that only the most attractive cases were appealed to the US Supreme Court. Here the appeal is being carried by a singularly loathsome defendant. One can only hope that the legal demage to Constitutional sovereignty will be minimal.

  • We had that here in Washington some years ago. A fat @$$ killer of a bank clerk (the SOB shot her after she handed over all the money) managed to eat his way out of the gallows, claiming he’d be decapitated when they sprung the trap on him.

    The simple solution for this is to change the method of execution for these deserving individuals to a firing squad (rifles rigged in a frame with remote triggers so as to insure accuracy – mustn’t do a sloppy job). Does the job no matter how fat, skinny or otherwise for the deserving “subject” of the procedure. Plus no issues with getting the drugs, finding the vein, etc.