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  • Exactly. I was fired from a previous job with a bogus ‘harassment’ complaint, as retaliation when I spurned creepy co-worker’s sexual advances.

    Didn’t pursue wrongful dismissal or EOE discrimination claim for various reasons:
    * Already “unemployable” over-50 (if you believe the statistics)
    * Spouse still works there and clearly has good reason to worry about retaliation from Mr. Creepy if I rock the boat
    * Small company, even if I won a lawsuit, it could cost innocent people their jobs too
    * That old “lawsuits are public record” thing. SEO doesn’t reach Lexis/Nexis etc., any background check would have found it.
    * I’d rather focus on getting on with my career.

    A lawsuit would have made me completely, rather than statistically, unemployable. I did indeed get on with my career, with no damage to my professional reputation. I’m valued and respected in my current position, and loving the work and the culture.

    Karma is taking care of things at the old job. Their real talent is moving on because of toxic culture, and being replaced with relatives and church buddies of the HR lady. Projects I was working on when they fired me are still unfinished years later. Best of all, Mr. Creepy has a whole new set of problems in his life, all self-inflicted.