“DOJ Intervenes In LSAT Disability Bias Class Action, Says ‘Flagging’ of Tests Violates ADA”

The U.S. Department of Justice is taking the position that it violates the Americans with Disabilities Act for the Law School Admission Council to inform law schools that test-takers got extra time or other accommodations after lodging demands under the ADA. The ABA is siding with disabled-rights activists in calling for an end to test score flagging. [ABA Journal]


  • How can the DOJ’s position not violate the first amendment?

  • One supposes that, if accepted, the DOJ’s position would result in a surge of test-takers wih ADHD who “need” extra time. The only real difficulty in the LSAT is the time pressure. With ample extra time, just about anyone can achieve a very high score.

  • Damn. I could have gone to Harvard Law School, if only I’d had the right team of lawyers.

  • Any professional (doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc.) who requires ADA assistance to get into or out of school should have to advertise as such, anything else it consumer fraud.

  • Once they become lawyers, does the ADA authorize them to take extra time to complete each legal task for clients? When a lawyer without a disability does that, it’s called bill padding.

  • It’s a cryin shame. The law school types shot themselves in the foot on that one. I need a tissue.