New Orleans Saints class action

“A New Orleans Saints fan named David Mancina has filed a putative class action against Roger Goodell and the NFL, alleging that Goodell and the league’s suspension of Saints players entitles Mancina and other Saints fans to damages from (I am not making this up) ‘the diminishment in the value of their tickets; their personal emotional reaction to the unwarranted penalties inflicted on their beloved team, players, coaches, and executives; and the deliberate reduction of the competitive capability of the Saints due to the selective gutting of the critical components needed to justify the loyalty of Plaintiff and the class.'” [Howard Wasserman, Prawfs, who does not think much of the suit, headlining it “Today in Sanctionable Lawsuits”]


  • And, the Green Bay Packers should sue the replacement refs. Good grief.

  • Can we sue a qb who throws interceptions?

    How would you like a job where, every time you make a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?
    –Jacques Plante, NHL Hall Of Fame Goaltender

  • Naysayers, tread lightly, we are talking Louisiana here.

    In Louisiana there is 1. God, 2. politics and, 3. football.

    And on any given weekend in the fall two and three are switched. The Saints are acknowledged as God’s team, after all they are named the Saints, and have won more Super Bowls that ten other NFL teams. What’s a few decades of purgatory for a Super Bowl championship?

    Rodger Gooddell and a number (majority?) of NFL owners intensely dislike the South and go to great pains to keep Southern teams from participating in, much less winning, a Super Bowl. They love to play the Big Game in the South, just don’t let them nasty Southerners play int it. No NFL team hosting a Super Bowl has ever played in same said Super Bowl. This year’s Super Bowl is in New Orleans. The Saints came real close to a return visit to last year’s Super Bowl. Might they break the unwritten rule?

    But Rodger G. can’t take a chance, what better way to keep them out than decimating the team’s defense and benching the head coach. But then Rodger gets bitch-slapped by his own arbitration board. Could the Saints pull off another miracle? So what does pretty boy to do, he runs to papa, Paul Tagibue, “Save me, daddy, my plan is falling apart, I could lose face, and my job!”

    So, let’s review:

    The New Orleans Saints are a football team,
    their home is in New Orleans, LA, a decidedly religious community;
    they are owned by Tom Benson, a decidedly religious man.

    The above is proffered in half jest, readers are left to decide which half.

  • While I am always amazed at the idiotic lawsuits that seem to plague us daily, I can’t help being somewhat sympathetic to this one.


  • In Alabama there is 1. football, 2. football and, 3. more football.

  • Farside,

    I am definitely aware of this fact. My youngest son is a graduate of the University of Alabama, a fine institution indeed. However, as a state they have been unable to raise politics to the level of a blood-sport. But lord knows they are trying to.

  • Bumper, your comment pretty directly accuses R. G. of pressing this issue out of personal dislike for a region of the country (which, BTW, I am personally fond of). Could the actions of the coaches and players have anything to do with it? What the players did was beyond the scope of the game. An argument could be made before the courts that it was assault. It seems to me that handling it in-house is the kinder choice.