Product liability roundup

  • “Judge in Asbestos Litigation Says Navy Ships Aren’t Products” [Legal Intelligencer]
  • NYT goes in search of the trial lawyers’ case on the Blitz gas can bankruptcy [earlier here, here]
  • Gun control lobby hails as “groundbreaking” NY appellate court allowing suit against gun manufacturer [WSJ Law Blog, NYLJ]
  • “Mechanical Bull Tosses Rider, Prevails in Court” [Abnormal Use]
  • Well-known expert witness pops up in consumer popcorn injury case [Drug and Device Law] 2004 Missouri workplace exposure case: “‘Popcorn Lung’ Couple Gets $20M Award, Files for Bankruptcy” [ABC News]
  • “Bumbo Baby Seat Recalled Because It Is Only 99.999475% Safe” [Skenazy, Agitator]
  • “Summary Judgment For Crocs in Massachusetts Escalator Injury Case” [Abnormal Use]

One Comment

  • Re the Crocs suit-it seems Massachusetts residents long have had issues with escalators-in the 70’s Woolworth opened a multi level store on Washington Street in downtown Boston utilizing escalators. Within minutes of opening, officials found it necessary to employ staff as “pullers” (as opposed to the “pushers” on Tokyo’s subways.) The pullers were stationed at the top of the escalators tasked with grabbing the gaping customers, who, almost to a man/woman, would stop and gaze in wonder at the displays, while the others behind them would be driven into their waiting backsides.
    It took months before the shopping public adapted to escalators in that store.