Town Hall presidential debate

While I’d rate the debate stylistically as a draw (this time Obama actually studied for the test) I’ve a feeling Romney may have made further voter inroads by continuing to emphasize his Massachusetts-moderate side. “Obama just talks the game on ‘assault weapons,’ but I actually got a bill passed” must be the unlikeliest Republican applause line of the evening. And was Romney really bidding to get to the left of Obama on education spending and government-guaranteed contraceptives, to name but two?

Highlights of my Tweets as part of the Cato debate-Tweet team, as usual in reverse chronological order:


  • Just read the FP link. A twenty percent credit to move locations within the US its going to promote intra state tax competition. With deductions worth 35% and credit of 20% it will be easier than ever to change states in exchange for tax breaks and subsidies. Not sure why Obama wants to help companies leave Michigan and California for Georgia and Mississippi.

  • Why shouldn’t states compete for business? They do it now.