“Yale’s New Low and the Sad Saga of Wendy Murphy”

If Yale is any example, universities are surrendering without much of a fight to the Obama administration’s demands that they not give overmuch due process to students and faculty charged with sexual misconduct. And why does the press persist in treating as perfectly respectable Wendy Murphy, the oft-refuted roving criminal justice commentator and occasional Title IX complainant? [KC Johnson, Minding the Campus, earlier]


  • What are the chances of a Romney Administration rolling this back, or congress fixing it?

  • Interviewed by Emily Rooney on 2012 August 13, Wendy Murphy reitierated her continued 100% support for the Duke Lacrosse travesty.

  • Yale alumni should cease donations to the university, instead diverting the money to a “Yale liability project” dedicated to lawsuits against Yale administrators and other individuals responsible for outrageous violations of the rights of Yale professors and students.